Jenn Liakos has the two big qualities that every plaintiff needs in a lawyer. First, her deep caring and compassion mean that when she takes your case and tells you she truly cares about you and your family as much as she cares about her own - she means it from the bottom of her huge heart. Second, her razor-sharp brain, attention to detail and killer instinct means that she not only can pull out all the stops she has for your case, she loves fighting and winning more than you can possibly imagine. Run, do not walk, to hire Jenn.

- Katherine James, Jury Consultant
ACT of Communication

I met Jenn Liakos when I attended a multi-day course on litigation skills, and she was the instructor assigned to teach my group of attorneys important topics to help us take more effective depositions. Besides clearly “knowing her stuff,” Jenn was able to convey her ideas clearly and in a way that made each and every student-attorney anxious to try out the new talents she taught us immediately. She made me feel that the practice of law was indeed a “craft,” and that by using the tools that she had spent years developing and that she so generously shared, I would be a better, happier, and more effective counsel for my clients. If you want an attorney that knows what she’s doing and has a desire to help people, then you want Jenn Llakos.

- Steven L. Lauer, Esq.
Richmond, Virginia