Sexual Assault

There are few things more devastating and impactful than sexual abuse and assault.  Sexual abuse and sexual assault cause injuries that can last a lifetime.  Victims suffer in multiple ways, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

Jenn has experience helping clients to get help after sexual abuse or assault.  She is involved in cases against priests, teachers and a variety of other individuals.  Jenn understands the sensitivity required in handling these cases, especially the need for confidentiality.

She has experience dealing with the caring professionals who help people deal with the consequences of these horrific acts.

California has changed the statute of limitations requirements for people abused as children.  This means you may have the right to bring a case now when previously you did not.  If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or the parent of a sexual abuse victim, please call us and we will answer your questions with no obligation. We want to make sure that every victim knows their rights, whether you choose our firm or someone else to represent you.